Aging; DNA methylation (epigenetics); CRISPR / Cas9 techniques;

             Deep-neural networks, Molecular cloning, Bioinformatics,

             Next-generation sequencing



Semmelweis University (Institute for Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Number I, 2016-)

Examination of the role of transposons in cancer


Velgene Three Kft. (2014 - 2016)

Examination of the role of transposons in cancer


ELTE MSc and PhD (Department of Genetics, 2012 -)

Research on the theory of aging based on transposable elements and development of RNA interference and Cas9 / CRISPR in C. elegans. Deep neural network development


MTA TTK (Biomembrane Group, 2013 - 2016)

Developing CRISPR / Cas9 techniques


Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (Department of Medical Biotechnology, 2013)

Research and cooperation on aging theory based on transposable elements


Deep neural network development. Convolution machine learning and gradient boosting development

Deep Biotech Solutions Ltd.

Deep neural network, Cas9 / CRISPR, Molecular cloning,

Bioinformatics, Next-generation sequencing


             ELTE TTK PhD (2013-2019)

             Department of Genetics


             ELTE TTK MSc (2012-2013)

             Molecular Genetics, Cell and Development Science


              ELTE TTK BSc (2007–2012)



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