Ari Eszter HU
Name Eszter Ari PhD
Publications MTMT
Group website Bioinformatic research group
Courses At present:
  Bioinformatics (L, P; EN, HU) – for master students
  Bioinformatic seminars (L; EN) – for PhD students
  Advanced R programming (P; EN) – for master students
  Analysis of Omics data (P; EN) – for master students
  Introduction to Bioinformatics (L; HU) – for bachelor students    
  Genetic lab. practices (selected P; EN, HU) – for bachelor students
  Genomics (selected L; EN, HU) – for master students
  Molecular evolution (selected L; HU) – for master students
  Evolutionary biology (selected L; HU) – for master students
  Discrete mathematical methods in biology (L, P; HU) – for master and PhD students
Research area Bioinformatics
  Comparative genomics
  Molecular phylogenetics
  Investigating the evolution of antibiotic resistance using comparative genomics and metagenomics approaches in Balázs Papp’s Lab (Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Centre, Szeged, Hungary).
  Creating a database for transcription factor - target gene interactions and transcription factor binding sites: TFLink.
  Developing a functional enrichment analyser R package: MulEA (Multi Enrichment Analysis).